meet adam

A Wisconsinite through and through, Adam was born in Cudahy and is earning double bachelor's degrees from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee in Economics and Political Science. Murphy's professional experience includes owning Big Bang, LLC, a software company out of Franklin. The company began as a technical training and consulting business before evolving into software. Murphy also had his certification as an ISO-9000 quality systems instructor and consultant both with FedEx and independently. He has also studied yoga teacher training and is a proud member of the Yoga Alliance.

adam's core values




When I decided to run for office, I elected to return to college to study subjects I thought politicians should know about - economics, logic, constitutional law, ethics. The journey has been awesome, and while knowledge and understanding was always the goal - not a degree - I now find myself pursuing a Masters degree in Economics.

But one of the advantages to taking this very winding path was the number of branches and detours I took along the way, which included Debate, Negotiation, and Persuasion.

Those are three different skill sets that are often intertwined conceptually, and they share a basic principle which I think is easy to ignore.

All three, to be done effectively - or perhaps correctly - require us to thoroughly understand our own premises and conclusions as well as understanding the premises and conclusions of the other side(s). They require that we can dissect and explain our own rationale, and that of our opponent.

Regardless of political leaning. Regardless of beliefs and philosophical lenses. Take a moment to step back and analyze why you believe what you believe. Then we can properly debate, negotiate and persuade.

Thank you for your support,