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Small business owners experience something that I believe makes them uniquely qualified for politics – hiring their business’s first employee. That first hire represents two incredible challenges. First, it requires a willingness to take on a tremendous level of responsibility for someone else – for their success and their livelihood. Second, it demands a willingness to put our own success and livelihood in the hands of someone else. And is that not the ultimate definition of what our politicians should do - care for the lives of citizens while also putting their future in those same citizens’ hands? Care and trust going both ways. I have been at it since 2004.

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When I decided to run for office, I elected to return to college to study subjects I thought politicians should know about - economics, logic, constitutional law, ethics. The journey has been amazing, and while knowledge and understanding were always the goals - not a degree - I now find myself pursuing a Master’s degree in Economics.

I also decided to study political science and political psychology, and I realized most politicians follow the same awful strategy. Fundraising is the most important part of their day, every day, and the rest is spent repeating the same few tired bullet points.

Well, my software company started as a technical training company, and for ten years before that, I did database design and analysis for FedEx, while teaching around the country. At my core, I’m an instructor, and being good at that requires being able to present a topic from multiple directions. And as an IT instructor, it also meant understanding how to identify and fix problems.

So, that is what we are going to do. That is what this campaign is all about. We, and I literally mean WE, have to listen, learn, share, and ultimately, teach, and that requires a 21st Century campaign. It starts with our Political Learning Center, and will grow into our political workshops.

Let’s shake this up!

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