Defund The Police

Defund the Police: Where does Defund the Police fall in the sense of Health, Education, and Opportunity? Well, we can make an argument for all three, and issues like crime certainly connect Education and Opportunity. The simple truth is very few want to actually defund the police. Yes, some do. I don’t. What is important about this issue is we owe it to ourselves to connect and have a conversation that...


This campaign focuses on the interaction between your health, your education, and your opportunity. Those three facets of life overlap and are the basis for most of our day-to-day experiences. We look at “Opportunity” as the chance to fulfill your version of the American Dream, and for most people, that starts with money, plain and simple. There is a battle though, between the GOP and Democrats over jobs and business. Unions...

Student Debt

The argument against cancelling student debt is, “It’s not fair.” Well, over the last 20 years, tuition costs have risen by 144% – 211%. That is the part that is not fair. And much of that is because of government lending practices, which we will address in another video. Like with K-12 education, we stopped adding to the supply side and started adding to the demand side. Well, prices can only...

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